The Cancer Supplement List

This List is not intended as medical advice but rather a testimonial to the power of alternative therapies for cancer treatment.


I am going to give a list of the supplements and what they do. Please use good quality products from a health food store like Rollin Oats (Tampa Bay) or Whole Foods and please nothing from GNC. Ask for vitamins in a form (chelated) that can be easily absorbed by the body. The plan here is to strengthen the immune system before starting conventional treatment.

If you choose conventional treatment and are on the skinny-side, it seems that gaining weight BEFORE treatment starts will benefit you, as will a strengthened immune system. The High Protein and High Calorie Shake is a quick way to put on a few extra pounds and keep them on during treatment. It is also one of the easiest things to eat.


The List


1. Shark Liver Oil - Expresses radiation from the body even after treatment ends (up to 4-6 months). This is essential to feeling good throughout the radiation treatment. It is recommended to start this as soon as possible to build it up in the body. Dad had hardly any nausea at all and minimal effects in his body from the radiation. This should be started as soon as possible to build up in the system before the radiation treatments start.


2. Milk Thistle - This comes in capsule or liquid tincture form and is essential in keeping the liver from being damaged from the chemotherapy. Your oncologist will tell you that the chemo will damage the liver and make it swell because of the solution is put into the blood stream and the liver filters the blood toxins. I find the liquid from easier.


3. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide - Essential for cell oxygenation. I know this sounds counter-intuitive but just read the links below. I was skeptical to say the least. The idea in a nutshell is that no disease can live in an oxygenated environment...including cancer.


4. Flor-Essence Tea (Dry Herbs) - This is advertised as a detox tea but it actually is an anti-cancer tea. It will detox the body but will boost the immune system and make you feel great. There is a process to making this tea and special brown bottles to keep it in. If you can't get the bottles I can get them for you.


5. Turkey Tail Mushroom by Host Defense - Comes in capsule form

"A promising clinical study shows that the turkey tail mushroom (Trametes versicolor) improves the immune systems of breast cancer patients."

*The only place I have found this is at the Vitamin Shoppe


6. Lion's Mane  Mushroom by Host Defense - In capsule from. Again from the Vitamin Shoppe. This supplement was vital for my dad after his treatment. I say after because I only learned of it after he was finished otherwise he would have been taking it throughout. Anyone who goes through traditional treatment will have some sort of neuropathy whether in the hands or feet. It is very painful like electric shock or pins and needles in the extemities. Lion's Mane actually regrows nerves and nerve endings that are damaged by the radiation and chemo. It also regrows nerve endings in the brain and has shown to be beneficial for people with dementia and alzheimers.


7. Magnesium Supplement - This combined with the Lion's Mane will lessen any neuropathic pain from the treatment.


8. High Protein, High Calorie Shake - We use Bluebonnet Nutrition 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder. Here is the recipe:

1 Scoop of Whey Protein Powder

2 Bananas

3 Cups of Whole Milk

3 Tablespoons Natural Peanut Butter (NO SUGAR)

Put all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.

This is really easy to drink and will put the weight back on in no time. Sometimes he would make this twice a day.


9. Multi-Vitamin


10. Vitamin D


11. Vitamin B Complex


12. Liquid Iodine Supplement - (this is to protect the thyroid from radiation as that is where radiation collects first in the body)


13. Clear Lungs - (this is for anyone who smokes or has compromised lungs from allergies...this will make it easier to breath and this is not something that one would want to deal with while going through treatment)


14. NAC (N-Aceytal Cysteine) - Stops Stops cancer from spreading, especially in the throat and on the tongue.


15. Chromium Picolinate


16. Ubuinol (Heavy Duty Co-Q10) - Delivers more oxygen to cells in the body. Remember disease cannot live in an oxygenated environment. I use the Jarrow brand.


17. Vitamin C (stop using two weeks before surgery)



# 1-8 are essential.......I think they are why he had no side effects from the chemo and minimal SE from the radiation


PS. They made him stop using Fish Oil while under treatment.

Any questions please contact me.

Happy Healing,



There is one thing I don't have on the list and that is a comprehensive mushroom complex with shitake and reishi mushrooms. My dad was taking this as well. Mushrooms are a super immune booster and cancer killer.


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