Machine Shop

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Brake Pads and Shoes, Wheel Cylinders, Drums and Rotors, Wheel Bearings, Bushings, Chassis, Clutch Sets, Tools, Automotive Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals IN STOCK.

Machine Shop Services Include:

•  Engine Rebuilds 


• Full Service Engine Machining and Rebuilding

Muscle & Collector Car Engine and Mechanical Specialists
Block Decking, Boring and Honing
Align Honing, including Steel Cap Installation
Block Preparation
Block Sleeving
Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs Installed
Crank Polishing and Grinding
Rod Rebuilding
Re-Bush Rods
Piston Change Over
Aluminum and Cast Iron Head Repair
Vintage Flatheads
Fly Cutting
Head Resurfacing
Valve Grinding
Valve Seat Restoration
Glass Beading/Sandblasting
Parts Degreasing and Cleaning


  Bushings and Bearings 

• Front Hub and Wheel Bearings
• Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings
• Front and Rear Control Arm Bushings
• Ball Joints
• Rear Hub and Pinion Bearings
• Rear Axle Bearings and Seals
• Idler and Tensioner Pulley Bearings
• Power Steering Pulley
• Carrier Bearings and U-Joints Installed on Driveshaft

  Drums and Rotors 

• Automotive
Light Trucks
Medium Duty Trucks
Races and Studs Installed in Hubs
Minimal Cut to Ensure Maximum Drum and Rotor Life
When doing a brake job drums and rotors can usually be machined to factory condition instead of buying new.  This will eliminate the pulsing sensation you get when applying brakes to warped drums and rotors.


• Hubs Swapped and Wheel Studs Installed
• Flywheels Machined
Ring Gears Installed
Flywheels Lightened
Pillow Block Bearings Installed
• Ream and Fit Kingpins

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