St. Pete Grand Prix

DHL Pit Crew

Got to hang with the DHL crew at this year’s St. Pete Grand Prix….here’s some pics.        

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The Cancer Supplement List


Capi’s Cancer Supplement List This is a list of supplements that have proven successful in the treatment of cancer.  It is not intended as medical advise but rather an aid in healing. *********************************************************************************************************** I am going to give a list of the supplements and what they do. Please use good quality products from a health […]

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How to Change an A/C Compressor


SUMMER A/C BLOWOUT SALE ON R-134A REFRIGERANT WHILE SUPPLIES LAST CALL FOR BEST PRICES ON COMPLETE A/C SYSTEMS INCLUDING: COMPRESSORS, CONDENSERS AND DRIERS How to Change an A/C Compressor The car air conditioner compressor is known as the heart of the air conditioning system. It is a pump that is driven by a belt and […]

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How To Change Spark Plugs

Expect spark-plug work to be tedious. If this is your first time, plan 3 or 4 hours after engine cools (or 1 hour on several days), allowing 15 minutes per plug. It is harder than changing air filters, fixing flat tires, or starting a mower. Consult your vehicle’s manual. Look up where your spark plugs […]

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DIY Brake Job

Instructions Disc Brake Repair 1 Park the vehicle on a level surface. Set the parking brake if working on front brakes. Block the front wheels if working on rear brakes. Put automatic transmissions in park, and manual transmissions in first or reverse gear. Partially loosen the lug nuts. Jack up the vehicle and set it […]

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Gas Saving Tips

Fill up with a lower-octane gasoline. Buy the lowest grade or octane of gasoline that is appropriate for your car. Unless your car requires premium gasoline, filling up your car with high-octane fuel is a waste of money. That pricey premium fuel won’t boost your car’s fuel economy or performance in the least, so skip […]

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Keep Your Car Running in Top-Notch Condition and Looking New

Care and Maintenance Tips Keep Your Car Running in Top-Notch Condition We’ve compiled our best expert advice, surprising tricks, and car care tips to prolong the life of your automobile! 1. Be patient during the break-in period You’ve bought your dream car and now you want to make it last at long as possible in […]

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9 Summer Maintenance Tips

9: Check Your Tires Tires are one of the most overlooked parts of a car. According the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), only one out of 10 drivers checks his or her tire pressure correctly, compared with almost seven out of 10 who wash their cars regularly [source: RMA]. But the truth is that an under-inflated, […]

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