Sea Foam Trans Tune Transmission Additive – 16 oz


Trans Tune is a safe and versatile additive developed for use petroleum and synthetic hydraulic oils. It can be used in automatic transmissions, power steering systems and with industrial and agricultural hydraulic systems. Trans Tune’s versatility stems from the fact that it is a petroleum based product that contains NO chemicals that can swell seals, corrode internal parts or alter the viscosity of the fluid. It is also important to note that all hydraulic systems suffer from many of the same problems.

  • Moisture buildup. Hydraulic systems, including automatic transmissions and power steering systems operate at relatively low temperatures. Moisture that builds up in the system is not able to evaporate quickly. Trans Tune breaks moisture down into molecules and disperses it throughout the system to aid in faster evaporation. With the moisture neutralized, it can no longer corrode internal parts or affect the fluid’s lubricating properties.
  • Old petroleum residue (gum and varnish) buildup. Hydraulic fluids leave behind residues that build up over time and interfere with the smooth operation of the valve bodies, governors and other internal components. These residues also trap contamination in the system such as aluminum shavings from a rack and pinion. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE RESIDUE IN YOUR TRANSMISSION AND THE RESIDUE IN YOUR POWER STEERING OR HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS. IT IS ALL PETROLEUM VARNISH. Trans Tune slowly and safely re-liquefies gum and varnish deposits so internal parts can move free of restrictions and contamination can be safely filtered out or removed. This makes Trans Tune particularly useful when performing transmission or power steering flush services.
  • Lack of lubrication. As residues build up inside hydraulic systems, they prevent the hydraulic fluid from properly lubricating internal components. Trans Tune re-liquefies these residues, allowing the fluid to reach and lubricate vital components.

By addressing these three key factors that produce problems in hydraulic transmission and power steering systems. Trans Tune can be used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike to safely eliminate many performance problems. Clean, dry and well lubricated systems will run smoother and more efficiently.

Sea Foam Trans Tune Transmission Additive - 16 oz.

  • Does not harm or swell seals or alter the viscosity of the transmission fluid
  • Reduces rough or erratic shifting
  • Removes damaging moisture
  • For automatic transmissions, power steering systems and industrial or agricultural hydraulic systemsCall For Case Price