Some Testimonials From The Community:

"I go to complete auto for all my questions answered and parts for my cars and motorcycle. These guys bend over backwards to help you. Thanks to Paul & Dominic."
- David S.

"Knowledge & friendliness that only a family run business can provide."
- Steve K.

"These guys know their stuff!! Prices are always within a couple dollars of the chain stores-most of the time lower but here you ALWAYS get the right part!"
- Jack J.

"These guys are the best, Over 40 yrs exp. They have been able to help me when no other "chain" store has. They are Great!"
- John P.

Notably good service experience
"Purchasing an axle had me tied up with three other parts places to determine 29mm vs. 27mm. None of them could tell me what this meant or which one I needed. Paul found out what it was and set me up. During the process of changing the axle, I had a few hang-ups and his family was able to guide me through the hang-ups. They are a family business and a valuable resource."

- Scott M.

"Great family-run business.  Helpful, knowledgeable, and above all else, friendly. They'll recommend several mechanics in the area and give you a fair price on any of the parts you'll need."
- Charlie K.

"The Capi brothers provide a great service to this community as the owners of Complete Auto Parts. They have helped me on many jobs and have lent me the tools I needed to finish the job to help me save money. Don and Paul are great machinists as well. I have several friends who have engines rebuilt by them with great results. This is one of the last remaining old school auto parts / machine shop left in the area....maybe in Florida. I believe the Old Northeast neighborhood in St. Petersburg has benefited greatly because of Don and Paul and the institution Complete Auto Parts."
- Jimmy


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