Wolf’s Head Heavy Duty SAE 30 Oil



Wolf's Head Heavy Duty SAE 30 Oil

Wolf's Head Heavy Duty Motor Oils are single grade or straight-viscosity motor oils. They are a balanced blend of high VI base stock and an advanced additive package to deliver superior performance. They provide thermal and oxidation stability, deposit control, anti-wear protection, corrosion protection and improved pumpability. Wolf's Head Heavy Duty Motor Oils may be used in turbo-charged, super-charged or naturally aspirated foreign and domestic engines recommending an API SN/CF and ACEA mono-grade engine oil. These heavy duty motor oils exceed the stringent lubricating performance requirements of American, European, Korean, Japanese and other worldwide engine manufacturers.

About Wolf's Head
     Since 1879, Wolfs Head Oil Company has been producing lubricating products that have continually met or exceeded accepted industry standards.
The Wolf's Head product line reflects awareness of changing conditions and needs in automotive-product marketing and technology. To this end, Wolf's Head lubricants are made from quality base stocks and additives that are blended under the controlled formulation of Wolf's Head chemists and engineers, and are offered at competitive prices.

Wolf's Head motor oil company manufactures various weights of motor oil, synthetic oil, and other automotive fluids. The company was originally founded in Pennsylvania as "Pennsylvania Crude" in 1879. Presently, its company headquarters is in Tampa Bay, Florida. The company slogans are "The Finest Of The Fine Since 1879" and "Run With The Wolf". The oil is marketed as "superior performance, but exceptional value" and has been well respected in the muscle car community.