Gunk Valve Medic


Gunk Valve Medic is a scientific blend of solvents compounded to free up noisy valve lifters by dissolving varnish and gum deposits resulting from city traffic and short trips.

One container of Valve Medic added to crankcase oil will generally free-up sticking valves and/or valve lifters. Product is quick acting, providing answer to troubled vehicle owners quickly. Easy to use. No tools or mechanical knowledge is required.


About Gunk

Since 1924, they have been an innovator in the development, manufacture and distribution of automotive chemicals, hardware, plumbing and traffic safety specialties. Their products-marketed under brand names like Solder Seal®/Gunk®, Tite-Seal®, Douglas Tools® and others - are sold worldwide. Headquartered in Charlotte, the company maintains manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, California and Canada, which produce over 4000 products like Liquid Wrench®, Engine Brite®, Puncture Seal™ and Carb-Medic® to name just a few.