Complete has been providing exceptional services since 1986 in the Tampa Bay area; however, the Capi brothers have been in the automotive industry for the last 45 years. Originally located in New England, Complete Auto was founded in 1963 and with 1 massive warehouse, 2 retail storefronts and 3 machine shop locations, changed the face of the automotive supply and machining industry in the Northeast. In 1985 The Family decided to move south for the warmer weather. In 1986 Complete Auto Parts re-opened in it's new and current location in St. Petersburg, Florida. After 30 years in the Old NE neighborhood on 4th St, Complete moved it's location to a bigger building and better parking at 2315 28th St in St. Pete.

Being one of the last Independent Auto Parts Stores and Machine Shops in Florida, Complete Auto offers unique, personalized service that can only come from a family owned business.  Specializing in a full line of OEM and aftermarket parts for all vehicles and inboard marine engines, as well as, a full line of AMSOIL synthetic oil products and a full tool catalog, Complete provides something more that isn't available at chain stores - the combined 90 years of expertise and knowledge of The Capi Brothers. In this age of technology Complete is proud to have an extensive library of vintage automotive catalogs dating back to the early 1920's as well as a network of  large warehouses around the country to get the right part the first time. In the Machine Shop, the Capi Brothers have built several hundred engines for everyday drivers and weekend racers alike. Complete provides many auto enthusiasts and professional garages with machine work services including Pressing Bushings, Bearings and U-Joints, Cutting Flywheels, Machining Drums and Rotors, Hot Tank Parts Cleaning, Block Work and Valve Jobs. Whether tracking down hard to find parts, supplying the right tool for the job, or providing quality parts and superior machine shop service, Complete Auto will get the job done right the first time.